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We are always striving to prove ourselves and given the recent expansions, it has given us the ability to allocate talent and extend more services and refine what we currently have to offer. Our goal is to curate our services according to your business needs, becoming essentially an extension of your business.


Our Telemarketing Service provides clients with top talent capable of handling a large volume of calls while executing their marketing strategies as good if not better than an in-house team.

Junior Acquisitions

Our Junior Acquisition Specialists will get your hunt for the properties easier and will give you a sharp edge for your business growth. We give you the right analysis that you are looking for!

SMS Marketing

Increase your Real Estate Exposure with our specialized SMS Marketing solutions for your business which really makes a great impact on your business growth.

Strategic Consultancy

Our specialist consultants will help you make the right decisions for your business and put your business in right direction. Let's connect so we can discuss it further more.


TCC is a Dubai based company that was founded by an expert team to serve as an offshore solution for Real Estate Investors in the United States & United Arab Emirates. We provide premium Leads for Real Estate investors looking to evolve their business and grow in a competitive market. We pride ourselves with our ability to provide high quality leads that are most likely to be contracts.

We understand that most offshore solutions fall short due to their lack of understanding of how the real estate market works. We, however, do not have that problem; our team is consisted of people who get the homeowner’s mentality and know how to deal with them. Therefore, our leads are of high caliber and we strive to make sure that all our clients’ parameters, as well as expectations are met.



TCC’s goal is to provide one place for all our clients’ needs. We are working everyday to grow and improve on our services as to create and sustain beneficial relations with every one of our clients.

We Have The Best Experts To Elevate Your Business.

At TCC, We provide you with top talent and top service. We are always working to improve on what we have to offer. Our goal is to create a business model so seamless that our team is effectively part of yours.

Our Operating sites are based in Jordan & Egypt, which enables us to provide our clients with highly fluent talent to tackle your data.



At TCC, We work to provide you with trained agents, following a script that’s been tested and is constantly improved upon. Our quality assurance ensures that each lead doesn’t go to waste and that every lead we send you meets your expectations.

We are capable of working with any CRM that you prefer, TCC ensures we will deliver all your leads in a timely fashion.

Why Choose TRU Cold Caller

TCC strives every single day to be the best and to provide you with a one stop-shop for all you Real Estate Investment needs. We pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t stop trying to do better and to make sure that every one of our clients feels valued. Our staff is highly trained and more than capable of handling any kind of situation that present itself to them. We feel strongly that if you have the right mentality and knowledge, no target is unachievable.


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